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2 Stage Pitcher/Dispenser (CRF-950Z) Replacement Filter (1 Pack) with Tray




ITEM#: 15092055

This filter fits all Pur pitchers, and are the ultimate in water filtration. The patented filter cartridge uses a two-stage system for crisp, refreshing tasting water. The activated carbon microfilter reduces benzene, chlorine (taste and odor only), MTBE, TTHMs and sediment. The ion exchange resin reduces lead and copper from your water. The pleated microfilter removes 99.99% of microbial cysts. Automatic Safety Monitor Gauge provides continuous indication of filter life. Filters approximately 40 gallons and lasts approximately one to two months.
  • Fits PUR pitches and dispensers
  • Removes 95-percent of mercury and industrial pollutants
  • Filters up to 120 gallons of clean water
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