How Does Hybrid Heat Pump Work?

Hybrid heat pumps consist of a combination of fossil fuel combustion heating system such as gas, oil, propane furnace along with an electric pump. Hybrid heating pumps are more efficient than ordinary heating pumps because during each of the season, the pump uses the operating system based on the efficiency. As a result, the efficiency of the system is maximized. It cuts down the heating bills and reduces impact on the environment. It has been seen that hybrid heat pumps are more comfortable than a lot of other heating pumps.

Let us now explore the working pattern of hybrid heating pumps. In a hybrid heat pump as a furnace is used along with an electric pump, it heats your home more efficiently. In fact, heat pumps are great ways to heat your homes during cold to chilly weather. Even when the temperature is cold, there is some heat in the air which the heat pump extracts and pumps into your homes. When the temperature outside falls below an economic balance point and it becomes difficult to heat with gas, oil or propane, the heat pump switches to your furnace. Without a fossil fuel heating source the heat pump uses electric resistance heat to heat your homes.

As far as the hybrid heat pumps are concerned they use the best of both the worlds. Throughout the year, you are able to enjoy a comfortable and consistent interior temperature. However, the amount of saving that you will make with the use of hybrid heat pumps depends solely on factors like the current cost of energy, your heating needs, and the location of your home. To put it simply, basically the hybrid systems uses a heat pump as the primary heat source and then moves to the furnace when the energy drain on the heat pump hits a certain point. This means hybrid heat pumps uses very less energy during most of the seasons in a year but switches to the furnace when the temperature dips too much.

Some of the advantages of using hybrid heat pumps are the following:

• They are ideal for climates with long, cold winters as the heating costs are considerably reduced during uneven cold or consistent chilly weather.

• These heat pumps do not require any supplemental heat source even during the coldest months.

• There is a year round energy saving as these heat pumps can be reversed during the warmer climates.

• The heat pumps come with the option of humidification, air-filtration, and dehumidification.

• As these heat pumps have fuel source flexibility one can opt for the most cost effective fuel for the heat pump.

• One can customize these heat pumps depending on the requirement of a particular home.

• Last but not the least, these heat pumps are greatly environment friendly.

Nevertheless, while finalizing on the decision of buying a hybrid heat pump, you need not check out on the yearly energy savings and also the yearly temperature in your region. A hybrid heat pump can be a great choice if you have access to a gas line but can switch to the efficiency of a heat pump as and when required.



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