How Does Ground Source Heat Pump Work?

Before we get into the details of the functionality of ground source heat pumps, we need to understand what are ground source heat pumps? Ground source heat pumps are made of ground loops which is basically a network of water pipes and a heat pump that is buried inside the ground. Here it must be noted that ground source heat pumps will require sufficient installation space, especially a garden that is accessible enough for digging in machinery. The main function of the ground source heat pumps is to extract heat from the ground. The heat that is extracted is used to heat radiators, underfloor, warm air heating systems and hot water in homes.

Now let us have a look at the functionality of ground source heat pumps. A ground source heat pump typically circulates a mixture of water and anti-freeze around a loop of pipe, known as the ground loop that stays buried inside the ground. Heat from the ground is absorbed by the fluid and is then passed on to the heat pump through the heat exchanger. The best thing about ground source heat pumps is that the ground stays at a constant temperature throughout the year and so the heat pump can be used all the time without difficulty. The size of the ground loop that you would require depends on the size of the house and also the heat requirement. Longer loops can extract more heat from the ground but needs a larger space to be buried but in case, the space is a constraint a vertical borehole can be drilled.

When the heated fluid reaches the compressor of the heat pump, the temperature is raised than it originally was. The temperature is raised enough so that it can heat water and the hot water circuits of the house. The cooled ground loop then passes back to the ground where it absorbs further energy from the ground. This process continues as long as there is a heating requirement.

There are several advantages of using ground source heat pumps. They are the following:

• Ground source heat pumps emit lesser amounts of carbon dioxide.

• It has been observed that a typical ground source heat pump can help homeowners save a considerable amount of energy when compared to other traditional modes of heating.

• The use of ground source heat pump can also help you earn rewards from the government on account of using a green form of energy.

• It is true that you have to use electricity to make a heat pump running but for every unit of electricity that you use, you get heat energy in return which can be used for a number of purposes.

However, before you begin the use of ground source heat pumps, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. First of all, you will have to find out whether your garden is suitable enough for the digging of ground source heat pump. Secondly, you need to check whether your home is well-insulated and the type of fuel that you will be replacing when you will switch to a ground source heat pump.

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