How Does Gas Furnace Work?

Before we get into the details of the working of a gas furnace, we need to understand what a furnace typically is? It is part of the heating system in which the combustion of fossil fuel and transfer of heat takes place. Furnaces can be fueled both by natural gas and oil. Now let us have a look at the main components of a gas furnace. The first part consists of the burner, the heat exchanger, vent, and draft inducer. The second part comprises safety devices and controls and the third part consists of blower and air movement. All the parts of a furnace work in co-ordination with each other to produce the desired effect. 

A gas furnace is a forced home air heating system which reacts when the temperature of the room falls below the programmed setting on a thermostat. When the indoor temperature falls below a certain level, the thermostat alerts the furnace which in turn combines air and fuel and the mixture gets ignited by an electronic igniter. The com busted hot gas begins to rise through the heat exchanger that is situated above the burner and it heats the air throughout the home. The remaining exhaust exits the gas furnace through the vents which leads it outside the home. The entire heating process in a gas furnace starts at its heart that is the furnace and is controlled by the thermostat. There are some furnaces which come with two or more burners where huge volumes of air are heated for distribution.

Here it must be noted that the byproducts of gas furnaces include carbon monoxide and many other harmful gases along with some amounts of unburned natural gas or propane. Hence, it is important that you are carful in case you are using a gas furnace. In fact, it is always a good idea to use high efficiency gas furnaces. This is because the high efficiency gas furnaces capture the exhaust gases and completely compress them before igniting them again in the second combustion chamber. As a result of this every bit of energy is squeezed from the unburned gases. However, besides these any other byproducts that result from the use of gas furnaces should be vented out from the homes through a flue pipe.

Nevertheless, for a furnace to work smoothly, it is important that homeowners take good care of it. First of all it is recommended that the air filters are cleaned at regular intervals. This is important because dirty filters will make the furnaces work harder thus leading to higher instances of wear and tear. In case, the filter is beyond cleaning one should consider replacement. One should also check the thermostat from time to time so that it can be replaced as and when required. The blower in a gas furnace is located just after the filter. So when you start cleaning the filter, the blower should be next in line. To clean the ducts and the vents of the furnace is also part of the maintenance activity for gas furnaces. Ducts can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner and vents can be kept clean with the use of a large brush.

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