Heat Pump Repair

In case you have a heat pump which cools as well as heats, the chances of it going bad are more. One of the main reasons for this is that it is quite a complex unit and the way it functions is quite different from traditional air conditioners. Hence, it is important that you have a firsthand idea of the problems that might be faced by heat pumps so that you can detect them and sometimes can even fix them. In fact, when it comes to heat pumps there are certain issues that you can prevent and problems that you can solve without the help of a technical expertise.

Some of the common problems that are experienced by heat pumps are winter icing, summer icing, heat pump running constantly during the summer and heat pump running constantly during the winter, or blowing cold wave even when turned into the heating mode. Here it needs to be mentioned that before you start troubleshooting with your heat pump, it is important that you go through the manual carefully so that you do not end up making any unnecessary mistakes.

For example, if the heat pump do not start up at all the chances are high that there is some problem with the thermostat or the pump is not receiving power at all.

In such a case, you will first have to check whether the thermostat is set properly. If you want heating it should be set to heating mode and the temperature setting should also be as per requirement. In case the thermostat has been replaced recently, chances are there that the wrong thermostat has been placed or it has been wired incorrectly. In that case, you might have to call in a service technician.

You will also have to check whether the heat pump is receiving power and also if the heat pump is connected to the right set of connections. If any of these criteria is missing you will have to take adequate action.

Secondly, if you find that the heat pump is not heating or cooling properly, you will have to check whether the room-heating registers are open, checking the heat pump filter is a must because if dirt accumulates in the filter, it will not be able to cool or heat properly. You should also check the condenser coils, if they are unclean you will have to clean them so that the heat unit functions properly.

However, it needs to be noted here that when all the homely tricks to repair your heat pump fails, it is pertinent that you get in touch with a trained and licensed HVAC technician so that he can detect the problem and act accordingly. At times, you might feel that the service charge that they demand is on the higher side and so it is better to troubleshoot the unit by yourself, it is suggested never to take such a step because that might give rise to an emergency condition.



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