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Frequently Asked Questions For Air Conditioner Contractors! -

How many websites is linked to? And do I have to add profile on each website?

Currently we have a network of 60 HVAC websites. You have to sign up one time and add one profile. This one profile will be added automatically to all of our domain names at no extra cost to you. You heard it right! Unlike other directories where you have to pay for each listing, with us you add one profile and automatically it will get listed in all of our networked websites for FREE!

Can I list my profile and products from a cell phone or an ipad?

Absolutely! Our website is cell phone, tablet and iPad compatible. You can add your products and profiles on from any device with ease!

Are there any premium listings available?

Yes. In addition to basic listings you can upgrade and pay for premium listings to gain better exposure and be on top of the page and run banner ads on respective pages.

Where will my profile appear? Who will see these listings?

Your profile will be seen online in major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Faceboook and several other websites networked with Consumers are more tech savvy than ever and their expectations are high. Prospect clients are using wifi and other internet devices on the go to browse through several options that are available locally before making meticulous decisions. With growing competition, advertising through one or two venues is not sufficient to attract all the prospect customers.

Our network of websites are reachable to thousands across the nation, this includes both residential and commercial customers that are looking for help with hvac repair, installations, maintenance and troubleshooting services. Lot of customers who also spend time online researching for brand new air conditioners and heating systems will have direct access to your profile and services.

Your listings and ads will appear on several distinct group of websites that are linked to HVAC Network thereby giving you more exposure than ever. These websites are specific HVAC websites catering to mass target audience. To see our list of wesbites, click here.

What if I want to cancel or delete the listings?
Could I update and make any changes to my listings?

You have full control of your listings. You can cancel or delete or upgrade any of your profile details or products by logging into your account.

How can I enhance my listing to get more visibility?

You can upgrade your listings and add banner ads by logging into your account by clicking here. Feel free to email us and request details on target marketing.

Is it mandatory to have a company logo, photo, or product images for my listings?

No. Although you are bound to get better response and results by adding images where possible, it is not required to have a photo or image. If no pictures or company logo is available leave it blank, listing will still appear without that information. You can always log back in and update your profile at later date.

What if I don't have a scanner, but I want to upload a picture?

Our website is cell phone, tablet and iPad friendly, you can always take pictures on any your electronic device and log in to your account and add from your device gallery.

How does "Request A Quote" work?

A customer looking for a help with hvac systems comes to our website and has an option to request a quote for repairs, installation, part replacement or maintenance services. Once this request is received, based on the customer's geographical location the quote request is emailed to the appropriate hvac company accordingly.

How does the blog and forum page work ?

Lot of consumers with issues or queries post a forum page on our website, this is one way you can communicate with potential customers and build your client base. This is a free service, you can reply to as many queries as possible or even start your own forum page or article. To read further details and start blogging,  Click Here.

Can I see sample pages? How will the listings appear?

Here is a good example of how your page will appear, click here.

Where can I start and add my business listings?

Get started by clicking the link here.

What if I have some other questions about services and listings?

Contact us via email form by clicking here.