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Blog Title: My air conditioner is not cooling effcetively I got it installed only last year How to to handle it?
My air conditioner is not cooling effcetively. I got it installed only last year. How to to handle it?
Category: Indoor Swamp Cooler Post By: Chris Brooks (Austin, TX), 10/12/2016

Contct the manufacturer. As for notifying the manufacturer about the problem, write a simple notice asking him to rectify the faults, defects, etc. It should clearly point out your grievance. Keep documents such as sales receipts, contracts, warranties, work orders from the purchase, print out e-mails etc. handy. You may be asked by the manufacturer to produce them. If the manufacturer does not respond to your problem or fail to fix it, approach the local consumer protection office and file a complaint. You can so go to the state regulatory agency or licensing board that hold jurisdiction over the seller. You can approach the local office of Better Business Bureau (BBB). They would try to resolve your problem. Your problem will also be registered in their website which will be an eye opener to future customers. Also contact an appropriate federal agency, who can investigate fraud if not resolve them. If none of these work, seek legal help.

- Rick Burton (Jersey City, NJ), 10/20/2016
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